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We guarantee
We guarantee the freshness and quality of all our produce

We have carefully selected our source in order to provide one of the best and aromatic variety of Basmati Rice to our valued customers. We are deeply involved in our supply chain process, and ensure that our rice maintains its supreme flavor and aroma from field to plate.

Good Product is our mission

Our partners have been in this business for the past 50 years. We have carefully selected our source in order to provide one of the best and aromatic variety of Basmati Rice to our valued customers.

Our Mission
Organic Farmers are outstanding in their fields.

 Our goal is to become a household name when it comes to staple food, and our directors envision Al Asalalah international trading to be cherished by families in all areas of our target market.

Our mission is to show zero tolerance towards any kind of physical or chemical elements that can create an unpleasant experience for our customers. We strive day and night to produce quality that is hard to match, and ensure that our rice is accessible to everyone. We are on a quest to improve and grow every passing day and deliver aroma that will win our clients trust.

Anything you want to know about Alasalah
Why choose the name Al Asalah International Trading LLC?

The word Asalah is derived from an Arabic word ‘Asli’ which essentially means Authentic. As a company, Al Asalah international trading is proud of its rich heritage and authentic products. We always do extensive research before finalizing a product. For this reason, we chose this name as it resonates with the mission and vision of our directors.

What is the specialty of Al Asalah International Trading LLC?

Al Asalah has a strong business partnership with paddy processors of Basmati Rice in Pakistan. We ensure that our rice is sourced from the most fertile land which is famous for its supreme quality rice. Our specialty is 1121 Basmati Steamed Rice.

What is special about basmati rice?

One of the most important characteristics of Pakistani Basmati Rice is that it is cultivated in fertile soil under fresh water. This allows it to attain long-grain texture and unique taste. Basmati rice is rich with nutritious elements like fiber, potassium, calcium, and Vitamin B6. Another important property of Basmati rice is its Aroma – which is renowned world over.

What is the rice distribution capacity of Al Asalah?

Al Asalah imports rice from trade partners that have extensive experience and state-of-the art machinery to process rice. According to the management, Al Asalah has the capability to distribute up to 5000 mtons of rice per month.

Why should we choose Al Asalah brand over others?

One of the most important characteristics of this company is that its board of directors and partners have rich history of delivering aromatic rice all over the world. As a result, Al Asalah will never compromise on quality and will work closely with its trade partners to strengthen long-term relationships. Al Asalah takes price in putting forward products that deliver best value for money to its esteemed clients.

Who can approach Al Asalah International Trading?

Whether you are a responsible head of the family looking for rice for your home or a corporate customer looking for heavy load of rice, Al Asalah is ready and takes pride to serve you.

Why Choose Us
We Provide Quality Rice For Your Family!

We are working with the most prominent name in the field of Basmati Rice in Pakistan. Sarwar Foods Is Situated in the heart of Pakistan’s most fertile region and is our partner in this trade.

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  • Pure Rice
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